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El Nido...The Nest

In the heart of Barra, in the open air rooftop of a three story building, is a new and developing community center.

place to gather, grow, learn, share ideas, build community, create opportunity, promote local experiences and make a difference.


Stay at El Nido

3 Charming Rooms

On the second floor are three charming rooms at an affordable price. They each have their own bathroom, air conditioning and share a small brand new kitchenette. They are well decorated and comfortable with views of the bay and village. 

On the top floor is the large open air rooftop space with ocean views and fresh breezes. Here, the room guests have a place to enjoy a sunrise coffee, sunset drinks or partake in a variety of classes and pop-up events being offered through the community center. Spanish and English, guitar, sewing and clothing construction and name a few.


All proceeds from the room rentals go directly to funding the community center, so by staying and participating at El Nido, you will be supporting and contributing to the development of this exciting new community project. 



Barra de Potosi

Come experience the vibrant and magical village of Barra de Potosi. Located just 20 minutes south of Zihuatanejo, Barra offers a more relaxed and slower paced experience of the area. The beach is perfect for swimming or walking along the white sand. Thatch-roofed enramada restaurants along the beach offer fresh seafood, cold drinks and a long line of hammocks. Come enjoy the surf break, rent a board and learn from a pro, take a Spanish lesson, visit the amazing bird life of the vast lagoon, schedule a whale watching adventure and savor the delicious food of Guerrero. Learn more below about the many fantastic organizations that reside here. 

Classes and Events

Classes and Events at El Nido

The 2022/23 schedule of classes and events is coming together.  We have added the ground floor space to El Nido this year, which will be wonderful for sewing construction, fiber art workshops, art exhibitions, cooking classes and dinner events and a small retail gallery space. 


We are looking for interested teachers for Spanish, art projects, fabric dyeing, yoga etc.  We are developing a cultural exchange program for people who want to visit, stay and share their talents and skills. 


"Pesos para Prepa" is a new program to support the transportations costs of kids from Barra going on to high school.  We will be hosting monthly events to partner with this program.  


If you are interested in teaching a class, attending a class or holding an event, please email us at

Check out the schedule below. As things are added, they will be posted on facebook at El Nido-Barra de Potosi and 

Instagram at elnidobarra. 


Pesos Para Prepa 

A new program to help students in Barra with the transportation costs of getting to prep {high school}.  Our local school goes through just 8th grade.  To continue their education, our students must travel by combi to one of the schools in Zihuantanejo, Petatlan or Los Pozas which is very costly for our local families.  The weekly cost is typically more than a parent makes a day working a full time job.  We strive to help any student continue their education.  This is not a grades-based or needs-based program, but one that is here to help any student.  Only requirement is that they go to school.  This year we have 17 students registered!  For more info contact Patty Sullivan or Lori O'Neill at    Donations can be done thru Venmo or Zelle from the US or given directly to Patty at O'Ridleys Bar.  


Spanish with Chely  

Chely Oregon has kindly offered to teach conversational Spanish... Tuesday & Thursdays at 10 for beginners and Thursdays at 11 for more advanced...come enjoy Chely's never ending laughter and smile.  200p per hour...all proceeds go to the program. 

We will keep you posted on monthly dinner events here at El Nido to support this new program. 


Yoga at El Nido

Martin and his wife Lucie, volunteers in the area thru April, have offered to teach a morning class...Active Yoga  Monday& Wednesday at 10.  Gentle Yoga Tuesday & Sunday at 9, Saturday at 10. Bring your mat and come join the group.

Donation jar to support El Nido and the programs we support.  

Class schedule
Rooms at El Nido

Rooms at El Nido


La Urraca

This room has a matrimonial bed, small desk and two windows with a ocean view.


El Cardenal

This room has a matrimonial bed, ocean

view out both windows and a small desk


El Pelicano

This room has a king bed, small desk and neighborhood view.


All of the rooms, kitchen area and upstairs area have good internet, available bottled water and a coffee maker. The rooms will be cleaned weekly and the common areas daily. There are small stores below, Carmen's lovely fruit stand, good simple restaurants and many fantastic tours and activities in the area. Rooms are not wheelchair accessible. Cool water only.


Rates...800 pesos a night...2 night minimum...5000 pesos a week...maximum 2 to a room 


All of the proceeds from the room rentals go to funding the community center and what it brings to the village of Barra de Potosi. 


Use the airbnb link above to book or email for availability 

Or if you're nearby, talk to Carmen at her fruit stand 

IMG_1550 2.JPG

Rooms availablilty

Room availability
Make a difference

Making a Difference


Whales of Guerrero
Study and Protect Whales

Boost the Economy..Save Precious Habitat


There are several amazing organizations here in Barra de Potosi that are truly making a huge difference.  Please take the time to check out each one and if you care to donate time or money while you're visiting 

Please do


Campamento Tortuguero Ayotlcalli

Sea Turtle Rescue and Conservation Center


Amigos de Animales
Rescue..Spay and Neuter..Educate

Por Los Ninos de Zihuatanejo

To create a more promising future

for the kids of Zihuatanejo


El Refugio de Potosi
A Center for Wildlife Conservation
and Environmental Education

Barra Images

The Faces and Places of Barra


    The Life of the Lagoon 

DSC_0167 2.JPG

Sunset Magic


Festival of the Guadalupe


Barra de unforgettable place to visit, enjoy and make a difference.  

Information on local tours, guides, lodging and so much

Behind El Nido

People behind El Nido

Lori O'Neill of L. O'Neill Design, is a fiber artist from California who has lived part time in Barra for 16 years.  Lori has helped organized and promote the last several Barra Spring Fairs and has worked with the Oregón Family for many years creating the Crazy Dolls of Barra.  Together with Rona Edmunds, she started "The Love from Barra Drawing Project", that brought art classes into the local schools.


Lori wanted to create a place for larger sewing and clothing projects, provide access to quality machines and fabrics and hold classes and events of all kinds for the broader community.  El Nido is it!



Barra's Annual Spring Fair


The Crazy Dolls of Barra


The Love from Barra Drawing Project

Bringing art to the schools


The Crazy Dolls of Barra can be purchased at Enramada Rositas's gallery in Barra and the Embarcadero in Zihuatanejo

Max Hernandez is an amazing artist and muralist who in collaboration with Monserrat Baños, brought El Nido's walls to life. Walls and buildings all around Barra are full of color and art thanks to Max, Aude, Yaremi, Ana Leidy, Yamilett, Ana Luisa and Monserrat.

Max is teaching classes here at El Nido and is available to create something special for you.


Follow him on facebook: Artista: Max Hernandez 

Co-artist on the outside mural. Monserrat Baños 

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